The Lithuanian sign language

Here is the first video from the trip!

The Lithuanian sign language. A couple of phrases and several basic words.

The heroine of this video is a deaf girl who graduated from school in Vilnius several years ago. Now she works together with her colleagues on creating a Lithuanian sign language dictionary.

I’m sharing the link to the dictionary again:

P.S. Soon, we’ll film a video with the same material, but in the Russian sign language, to compare them.

Lithuanian Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Several times, I came across promotional leaflets with photos of private schools. Clean wide corridors, spacious classrooms, large windows, new whiteboards, good furniture, pleasant colors and neat interiors…

This is how the public school for deaf children in Vilnius looks. It is the biggest educational center in Lithuania, and almost the only school for deaf children. The center comprises a kindergarten (for children from 3 to 7) and a school (for children from 7 to 18).

Children in Lithuanian general education schools study for 12 years (like in Latvia), while deaf

children in special schools study for 13 years. And the school that I visited is a dream school.=)

Литовский центр образования глухих и слабослышащих - Коридоры детского сада
Corridors of the kindergarten

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