Adventures at the airport

I decided to fly from Finland to Sweden, and it couldn’t go without an adventure. The lane was low cost, and my backpack didn’t fit into hand baggage at all

“You need to pay 50 euro for the baggage to the ticket office, and then come back for the ticket,” the airport clerk told me happily.

“What dimensions must the hand baggage have?”

“It must fit into this box.”

There was a compact plastic box in front of me.

After deciding that I need all the money I have, I went to dress up. I took my sleeping bag out of the backpack and folded it down into a separate bag, then I put on my voluminous fleece coat and run my fingers through the rest of my belongings. I drew the straps tighter and pressed the top lid closer to the backpack. It turned out not bad at all.

Working place at the airport
Working place at the airport

After these tweaks, my backpack successfully fit into the plastic box, which served a measure of all things allowed. By the way, as a result I was holding the backpack with my clothing, a smaller backpack with my laptop, a book, my battery chargers, a first-aid kit, my documents and other trifles, and a bag with the 

sleeping bag inside. The airport staff didn’t care how many bags I had at all. It only mattered to them that every bag should fit into the indicated dimensions. Funny.

So, my backpack got smaller and fit into the box. The airport employees looked at my efforts distrustfully and went out to confer.

“We are offering you a bargain. The plain is flying packed, it is small, and there is very little space in the aisle and between the seats. Could you please check in your backpack as baggage anyway, but you won’t have to pay for it?”

“Yes, no problem,” I said, and sent the unfortunate backpack through the check-in belt into the baggage room.


The airport in Helsinki is large, but comfortable. There are wide soft armchairs that go together with sockets and foldable tables.

It turned out that I was only flying 45 minutes, I didn’t even have time to fall asleep.)

As for Stockholm, its airport is really huge! My plane arrived around eleven a.m., and Sveta was to arrive at seven p.m. I decided to go to the city. Then I learnt that even a one-way bus ride costs 15 euro, and thought that it’s also good to stay in the airport’s surroundings.

I went to see a small hostel that is situated inside a plane pensioned off long ago. There were cozy beds in the turbines, and the cabin was divided into sections with beds in them. It was cozy and original.)

The rest of the time I was writing about schools and towns, walking around the airport, talking to passengers, and I gave my socket adapter to a Chinese guy, who was going to spend the night in the airport.

It’s been a day on the road.:)

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