A school in Sweden. Unsuccessful attempt

Sweden turned out not very hospitable: the school didn’t respond to my emails, and when we visited it, it refused to cooperate. The associate principal said that she doesn’t know anything at all (she works in this school!) and suggested that I email another woman. We didn’t have much time, so we decided not to wait for the answer and to travel on.

However, I can still say a few words. The school for children with hearing loss is situated within an ordinary general education school.

The shape of the school is almost a closed circle with many entrances, which confused us.) This is another very big school! And I keep being surprised at huge automatic doors made of glass and metal with intricate locks.

The restroom for children
The restroom for children

Sveta talked with a deaf teacher a little. She said that almost all teachers at the school are deaf.

There are only two hearing ones, and they have mastered the sign language completely. Thus, this school teaches using the sign method? Or the bilingual one? I will learn it next time…)

I already have a new itinerary around Europe forming in my mind: Latvia, which I didn’t have time to visit, Poland, where I was invited, Sweden, which it would be nice to visit again, Norway, where I know some teachers… So, there will be another journey.:)

As for now, a negative result is also a result. We should remember that the closer to Central Europe, the more closed schools are and the harder it is to get there. So, I shouldn’t expect too much. I’ll do what I can, and then we’ll see.:)

P.S. Our second request to visit the school was rewarded with an answer, and they asked us to inform them about our visit a month in advance next time… Will do!)

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