Estimated Itinerary

So, here is a little about the itinerary itself. From the moment I started working on the project, it changed significantly… First of all, I left out the most dangerous countries, those, where military operations are held. Then, I had to exclude several Muslim countries, where I wouldn’t be let in without my father, brother or husband accompanying me (and there are countries like this!). I left out of the list some countries with hard-to-get visas.

At the moment, the work is still going on, I’m obtaining my visas, and there is a chance that some applications will be turned down. Thus, the given itinerary is an estimated one, but you can rely on its geographic range.

The first part of the itinerary includes European countries, Great Britain, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and others.)

The second part of the itinerary will lead me a lot further, but it isn’t that defined yet.

Estimated Itinerary - A Special Educator’s Journey
Estimated Itinerary

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