A Special Educator’s Journey

I’m happy to welcome you all on our website!
We created it to tell you about a big project that starts on September 4, 2017.
My job is a teacher for deaf children, and my lifetime hobby is travel.
I’ve travelled a lot since childhood, and I visited 23 countries, explored odd corners of Russia, climbed volcanoes, and boated through mountain rivers.
However, my ultimate dream for many years has been to travel around the world. I wanted to see the whole world, to visit all the continents. But before, I wanted to graduate from school and get higher education. At university, I fell in love with my specialty, wished to do something significant for deaf education, and to improve the existing situation.
Thus, I had an idea: to travel around the world and conduct a large-scale research of education systems for children with hearing loss in various world countries.
In Russia, we are having difficulty in education for children with hearing loss: the system is not perfect, or often simply inhumane. We have a shortage of specialists, and child education in the hinterlands is low in efficiency. I sincerely hope that I’ll manage to find a more advanced education system and to implement it in Russia by reorganizing the existing one.
I’m also planning to study sign languages of various countries and other communication means during the journey.
So, on September 4, 2017, I am to start a round-the-world trip and make my idea come true.
I will start with Europe, then go to Western Asia, then America and the rest of Asia. All the details, as well as a lot of interesting information can be found on our website!
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