Finland again

I probably won’t write about Finland a lot for the second time. Little has changed there since May.) However, at least it didn’t snow there this time!

It rained instead. But I like Helsinki anyway. There’s almost nothing interesting there on the main streets, but turn to back alleys and you’ll certainly come across an incredibly beautiful music shop with vinyls, a small library, where you can sit for hours, or a Chinese restaurant, where you’ll be the only and the most honorable guest.

Fur seal
Fur seal

I walked around the city a lot, and lived not far from the city center with friendly Finns. My usual language barrier does not allow me to joke with foreigners, but during this visit, we laughed all the time! Maybe, it’s not language, but people.:) And these guys were super!

Moreover, this time I had the opportunity to compare the prices, and I didn’t like them at all.) The further to the north, the higher prices for food and hostels

Sweden is said to be even more expensive… As well as Denmark. I miss the Baltic countries with their  two euro for a lunch, five euro for a hostel and the Russian language all around.)

What made a special impression on me in these several days was the International Festival of Street Food. The square in front of the central train station attracted trucks and stalls with traditional fast food from all over the world! I felt fabulous eating Thai food under the rain together with two Finns with jolly Italian music playing from the speakers.:)

There are no borders. I really want to believe in it.


I also met a group of Russian guys there. Guess what they were talking about?

Right, about politics.

It’s easy to recognize fellow countrymen.)

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