One day in Riga

So, I went from Lithuania to Riga, Latvia. On my way there I thought that I also wanted to see Jūrmala and visit the memorial in Salaspils… But it didn’t happen, I didn’t have time at all. I stayed just one night in Riga, in a hostel in the city center.

Here is some information about the hostel: Seagull Garret Hostel, situated in the very city center in a ten-minute walk from the main square. The prices vary, but on average it’s around 7-8 euro per night. All the employees speak Russian, it’s very clean, and there are good rooms with separate bathrooms. And the best perk for travelers is that for 5 euro your clothing will be washed and dried in a special machine in just one night. It’s very valuable, as due to my frequent trips my clothing has no time to dry after washing. All in all, I recommend you this hostel.) The only problem was that they lost my sock while washing. ><.

Памятник мэру города Рига и его жене - Рига
Monument to the Mayor of Riga and his wife

I liked Riga. There’s a wonderful park with a Statue of Liberty (or rather a stele), a narrow river, unusual sculptures and beautiful trees. You can go from the park through the city wall and the Swedish Gate and find yourself in the Middle Ages.) Paved streets, aged brick of the houses, wooden shutters, unusual arcs, and street musicians. A wide square with high-spire buildings looking like castles. Shop windows with beautiful handcrafted objects and interesting souvenirs. The sun was shining, and I enjoyed several hours of wandering around the city.

After 3 p.m., I started to get out of the city and realized that it was very long. Too long. And that the outskirts reminded me not of the Middle Ages anymore, but of the Soviet Union.) It felt like I was in an old film. I didn’t even believe my eyes! Grey buildings, large glass shop windows, wide streets, even people’s clothes… The modern days could only be seen in new cars and sparkling-clean buses.

Гербы разных городов Латвии - Рига
Coats of arms of different cities in Latvia

I really want to go back to Latvia and see what I didn’t have time to see.

And what I want most of all is to visit schools next time and to see how they teach children with hearing loss here.

P.S. On the way from Latvia to Estonia, there are huge chairs standing! Gigantic! About 10 meters high.))

P.P.S. I also touched the Baltic Sea.) It’s very cold! But very beautiful.

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