On visas

So, what’s with the visas?

For now, I have only obtained a Schengen visa for the first part of the journey. Maybe, I should briefly tell you about it.

After all, I didn’t dare to submit my application to the embassy, as my status is dubious.) I’m a student who doesn’t work, with no salary or sponsor letter. I submitted it to a visa application center, as according to reviews, the process is taken to the assembly line there, and they grant visas more easily. I submitted my application in late April, and got the answer only a month later due to the May holidays and a rush of tourists. The documents required are:

  • The foreign passport,
  • Photographs,
  • The form.
  • карта Европы

They didn’t take ANYTHING else from me. Neither a certificate of enrollment, nor a ticket reservation, nor a hotel room reservation. Though, I brought everything.) Even the bank account statement.

I applied for a Finnish visa for two years (it is easier to visit Finland than other countries to comply with the visa terms), but they gave me a visa for half a year. I don’t know the reason… I already have over eight Schengen visas in my passports… Maybe, it’s because I’m going alone. Maybe, because all the previous visas were only for the duration of the trips.

Due to this, I had to rearrange my itinerary and leave Europe earlier.

Also, I had plans to get a British visa for the first part of my journey. However, I won’t do it now: it’s a detour, and it costs extra money to get the visa, while I was only planning to spend several days there. Thus, only Schengen. Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan are visa-free, so I’ll be hanging out there when I leave the Schengen Agreement countries.

I’ll post a detailed daily itinerary later

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