Denmark. I am treated and have a rest

Unfortunately, I missed both Copenhagen and Stockholm…

We arrived there late at night, by bus. We had to pay for the bus in krones, and we didn’t have krones, there was no exchange and no ticket offices at the

station… So we were standing not knowing what to do. We were rescued by an absolutely wonderful woman, who, having walked around the whole station with us, just wanted to give us the money for the ride. We persuaded her to simply exchange us some euros.:)

The road sign for cyclists
The road sign for cyclists

Our host turned out to be a short springy old man, who accompanied us to the apartment, showed us the kitchen, the bathroom, left us the keys, and we never saw him again. 😀 Until our departure, the old man only communicated with us through Watsupp, and we just shut the door before leaving. This independent lifestyle pleased me a lot, as I was still sick. Sveta walked around the city, and I doctored myself at home. On the plus side, I was then going to Germany as a healthy person.:)

We walked along the central streets a little, and were surprised by the unending flow of cyclists! Europe has separate traffic lights for cyclists, they are lower and smaller than the usual ones. And when they are green, it is as difficult to cross the street as a general traffic way.

Sveta told me about the mermaid statue and the ancient mill. That the city is beautiful and that she had met deaf people from Germany in the city center.

I believed her and hoped to come back here again without fail.:)

I hoped to see the Andersen Museum and take a photo of myself with the mermaid.

And for now, our way is leading us further. Welcome us, Germany!)

A little bit about Danish schools

The Danish school also didn’t answer to our email, so we had to come uninvited. The principal greeted us perplexedly, and said that she had seen the email, but decided not to answer. She said that they didn’t have any time at all at the moment.

Nevertheless, as we showed up there anyway, we were allowed to observe one lesson.:)

There is no school for deaf children in Copenhagen. Like in Helsinki, the school was disbanded, and the remaining

classes were transferred to an ordinary school. So, there are 19 deaf children studying at the school, and these are 2-3 classes. All the classes have children of various ages.


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